PARMENIDES Pilots in Austria and Sweden: Optimizing Energy Grids with Hybrid Storage Systems

Two noteworthy pilots in Austria and Sweden are pushing the boundaries of energy grid optimization through the utilization of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (HESS).

The Urban Box in Heimschuh

The Austrian pilot encompasses two different municipalities within the grid of Energienetze Steiermark GmbH (federal state of Styria), each characterized by diverse infrastructures, with a primary emphasis on the electricity sector. In both demo regions, fully automated use cases for grid-supporting behaviour of energy communities through the utilization of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (HESS) will be implemented. The developed grid capacity management is tasked with gathering measurements from the distribution grid and computing the operational limits of the available HESS flexibility, ensuring adherence to grid constraints. Within these limits, the EMS4HESS calculates the optimal set-points of HESS, taking into account various optimization objectives and utilising the PARMENIDES Energy Community Ontology (PECO) as a knowledge base. The Austrian pilot focuses on the requirements of the distribution grid, considering the local feed-in, storage and load situation.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, a pilot project at KTH in Stockholm is exploring another facet of energy optimization..

The Swedish pilot will assess the flexibility potential of residents in a multi-apartment building at KTH in Stockholm and demonstrate through the EMS4HESS the flexibility that electrical and thermal storage can provide at different time scales. Flexibility strategies, particularly trade-off exploration and exploitation, will be employed to fine-tune an operation algorithm for the EMS4HESS that accounts not only for technology constraints but also user preferences and behavior. By engaging actual users and real building data, feedback on flexibility strategies and digital tools can be directly obtained and evaluated.


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