PARMENIDES Online  General Assembly

PARMENIDES General Assembly: A Step Forward in Energy Management and Storage Solutions
The European PARMENIDES (Plug&plAy eneRgy ManagEmeNt for hybrID Energy Storage) project held its general assembly on June 18, 2024, online where the partners also had the chance to discuss various updates.


We are pleased to announce that the PARMENIDES General Assembly (GA) was successfully held online yesterday June 17, bringing together our dedicated team to discuss crucial updates and future activities. This virtual meeting provided a comprehensive overview of the current status of various work packages and allowed us to align on the next steps for our innovative Energy Management System (EMS) and Hybrid Energy Storage Solutions (HESS).

Key Highlights:

  • Work Package Updates: Each partner provided detailed status updates, showcasing significant progress and key milestones achieved in their respective areas. These updates are crucial for ensuring that all aspects of the project are on track and aligned with our overall objectives.
  • Future Activities: We discussed and planned the next steps, discussing future events and webinars where PARMENIDES can take part in and actively contribute to the scientific society. This included setting timelines, arranging meetings, and outlining the deliverables for the upcoming months.
  • PECO development: The development of the PARMENIDES Energy Community Ontology (PECO) is in its final phase and is planned to be published in July.

We are excited about the progress we have made and are confident that the steps we have outlined will lead us to achieve our project goals. The collaboration and dedication of our team members are truly inspiring, and we look forward to the next phases of the PARMENIDES project.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey towards enhancing renewable energy communities with advanced technology and innovative solutions.

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