Kick-off Meeting of the European PARMENIDES Project

The European PARMENIDES (Plug&plAy eneRgy ManagEmeNt for hybrID Energy Storage) project will develop energy management services for hybrid systems and enable an interoperable, reliable, and secure exchange of data. Funded by the Horizon Europe programme under Grant Agreement nº 101096453, PARMENIDES will be running for 36 months.

PARMENIDES is led by AIT and involves the collaboration of eight leading European and Swiss institutes and companies (more information on the consortium here).

The project aims to develop a new ontology with a focus on the electricity and heating domain for buildings, customers, and energy communities. It will support different use cases, focusing on the utilization of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (HESS). A new generation of innovative Energy Management Systems (EMS) will be developed, capable of using ontology as a knowledge base. PARMENIDES will define an information and communication architecture, enabling an interoperable, reliable, and secure exchange of data and instructions. The developed EMS will be demonstrated in very diverse pilots in Austria and Sweden.

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